Who Are We & Who Am I?

Who am I? I have 25 years of experience, I’m a licensed Realtor, years of lot development experience, mfd home park owner, knowledgeable in acquisition and development of land for a new home placement. I’m a virtual mfd home dealership, means that I don’t have a sales center and all the expenses that go along with that, so I can pass those savings on to you. My goal is simple, I take my decades of experience in the mfd home industry and combine that with my experience as a Realtor, to create an opportunity for those who are looking for better profitability as they flip and rehab homes. I’m also an authorized dealer of metal carports and shops to round out what I offer to all of my clients. My supplier is the installer but because I have access to so many people looking to build and develop land, they have asked me to help them sell their amazing product. My passion is profitability for all. I have the experience of selling the mfd homes at wholesale which allows me to earn a fixed amount and do a lot of volume. After that, the investor can make the rest based on what they can sell the home for on the open market. Being a virtual dealership I can pass all the savings on to you because I don’t have any of the overhead like dealers who have sales centers. It’s important that everyone gets a win and can afford all parties to make some money.

With over 30 years experience we can help you !!!